Monday, April 15, 2013


*Update Base Code to Firestorm Server Side Baking Source

*Added Floater to spoof MAC and HDD Serial (located in Viewer Menu at login screen)

*Added Import and Export from Secondlife professional.

*Changed Firestorm export (permission checks removed)

*Added Message Log Floater.

*Added Message Builder Floater.

*Added Lua Console From Luna Viewer.

*Changed Bulk Upload so Gestures,Scripts,Notecards,Wearables and Bvh filetypes upload(all free except bvh)

*Added Local Inventory & Export/Import of Inv Cache.

*Added Keytool.

*Added Particle rip.

*Added mass delete.(shift delete)

*Added destroy and explode to pie delete.

*Added undeformer to health menu.

*Added Object to Object measure.

*Added Inspect texture floater.

*Changed Avatar Texture floater added profile pics and wearable rip.

*Changed Texture Control - left click opens texture picker.
right click saves texture.
shift left click textures copies uuid.
shift right click opens texture.

*Changed Texture Picker can now set texture by uuid with some preset uuids embedded.

*Added Inventory Backup for assets and folders of assets(save as

*Added Hexeditor.

*Added Text Editor.

*Added Vfs Explorer.

*Added VFs Injector.

*Added Reupload assets.

*Added Detailed Inventory Item Properties.

*Added Explore Animations floater.

*Changed preview animations floater to include Save .animatn, Save .bvh, Copy UUID and ReUpload L$ buttons.

*Changed explore sounds floater to include Play in World, Play Ambient, CpToInv and Copy UUID buttons.

*Changed preview sound floater to include Save .wav, Save .ogg, Copy UUID and Play Ambient buttons.

*Changed preview gesture floater to include Duplicate gesture, save to disk gesture buttons and copy items from gesture to inventory.

*Added Avatar Hud Inspection.

*Changed nearby people panel(radar) to include Huds,Textures,Animations and Export to context menu.

*Changed Animation overrider drag in uuid notecard viewer will remake in local inventory, export folder or redrag notecard from there.

*Added Teleport to ground from dolphinviewer viewer also added tp to safety from phoenix.(shift page up / shift page down)

What is server side baking?

Server Side Baking

 Let’s very briefly refresh about “Server Side Baking”. In layman’s terms:

    This is the major code rewrite by Linden Lab that changes the process of how avatars are displayed in Second Life and by design ‘should’ reduce bake fail significantly, if not totally.
    There are two stages toward this effort. First stage consists of the viewer code changes and viewer release. Second consists of the server side code update and deployment.
    Once the server code has been deployed, anyone on a viewer that does not support Server Side Baking will not see avatars properly.
    Everyone will need to update to a viewer that supports Server Side Baking, preferably BEFORE Linden Lab deploys the server side stage.
    Expect the second stage to go live within a month or less.

The main thing you need to know is that if you have not updated to a Server Side Baking-capable viewer by the time LL updates the server with this code, you will not see avatars correctly. This coming Firestorm release DOES support Server Side Baking.

Thankfully I am on top of it and have a pre server-side baking roll-out release for you.

This is from firestorm

Firestorm is currently in very good shape for a release. We have overcome many challenges, we have the latest Server Side Baking code from LL integrated and ready, we are passing our Quality Assurance tests and we could potentially even release right now if we had to. In fact, it’s looking like this will be a very good update with a lot of great new features and bug fixes to boot! So why don’t we release now?

Because Linden Lab has not released their viewer with Server Side Baking yet. And if we release Firestorm now, and then LL realizes there needs to be more code changes for Server Side Baking that will affect both their viewer and ours, then we will have to do yet another release immediately after. We wish to avoid this. So our current plan is to let LL release their viewer with Server Side Baking, give them a few days to determine if more code is needed and, if they don’t, then release Firestorm.